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今回は『お茶』と『香草(ハーブ)』の香りを活かしたペアリングをご紹介。スタイリングは冬らしくモノトーン&季節の風景の差し色で♫ 皆さんに楽しんで頂けた様で良かった!





I held the collaboration seminar of sake cocktail and the Japanese sweets. We introduced sake cocktail and Japanese sweets using the fragrance of herb and tea this time. Every guests enjoyed refreshing fragrance and a winter color.


⚫︎Agar sweets flavoed with rosemary & Japanese citron

⚫︎Bean-jam truffle flavoed with magwort, matcha & strawberry

⚫︎Warabi-mochi flavoed with roasted tea & chocorate


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